Provoking the Palate is pretty much what it sounds. It is about food that is so stunning and absolute it forces your senses into action. Before the food has even hit your tongue—it has visually and aromatically awakened your every appetite. Thus enticed, the fork presses down on some juicy, sumptuous morsel. Realization slams home that the crackling has continued inside your mouth and has now melded with the velvety feel of the tender layer underneath. The entirety perfectly sinful, perfectly seasoned. From intense and robust flavors to the teasing lilt of something wholly other…Provoking the Palate aims to appreciate all the nuances of each ingredient and its preparation—provided it has all been executed well in the style it is served in…


The Beginning of This Particular Journey:

A few months ago while surfing a few volunteer sites, I came upon an opportunity that meshed a few of my many interests together--my insane love for food, my quiet and underutilized passion to pen, and the desire to make a difference...

The opportunity that presented itself came in the form of Bromography. How is this food blog different from others? Well--for one--the net proceeds go to support the wonderful business-minded, non-profit organization Kiva. Kiva is an organization that empowers people. It allows people a real chance at making a direct difference in their lives by lending them money for their business. What's more--100% of that loan goes directly to the person you choose to lend your money to! To learn more about Kiva or Bromography please click the links provided.

The Unfolding:

After signing on with Bromography, my sister (subsequently an incredibly talented artist/photographer) inquired whether or not I'd also have my own site. I shied away from that originally, but realized the double exposure would benefit Bromography's ability to help Kiva even more, so I agreed (also helps that she did the leg work while I described what I was looking for--I won't front that I'm a complete saint!). What you see here is our combined efforts--her with her mastery of images and artistry--mine with my love of food and words!

The Request:

As this is for a wonderful cause--please do check out both my blog here and the one at Bromography--and don't forget to spread the word along!

The Future of This Blog:

Don't despair--yes, this is a food blog and in the future, it will all be about food! This site will have reviews of restaurants (mainly NYC Metro area based unless I travel), blurbs on food events, recipes, interviews with folks involved in the culinary field and the occasional shout-outs to any of the aforementioned organizations.

I hope you'll enjoy this journey as much as I will producing it!

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Bromography said...

The Bromography team is honored to have you! We look forward to taking wonderful culinary journeys with you.

sai said...

Thanks so much! I have been so excited to start--will be hitting up the Meatpacking District tomorrow. Cheers!

Lisa Orgler said...

I love the start of your blog! Very beautiful!

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