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Cranberry Vanilla Sparkler

During the summer, I am always concocting some effervescent drink that's "semi-healthy" yet...tasty. This is one that I do a lot of throughout the year when watermelons aren't in season. Below is both an adult version and a child-friendly one. Let me know your thoughts!


1 shot of Chopin or Ketel One Vodka
1/2 cup Adam & Eve Cranberry juice (no-added sugar version that also doesn't add a sweetener)
1 cup San Pellegrino or Perrier Sparkling h20
1 tbs. Monin or Torani Vanilla syrup
1/4 Wedge of Lime or Lemon
Sprig of Spearmint or Genovese Basil


Mix the vanilla syrup, vodka, and cranberry juice first.  Squeeze the lime juice into the mixture. Then, add the sparkling water to the glass.  Stir.  Add ice and top with the mint or basil.   Let sit for 5 minutes so the herb can release its essence into the drink.  Add ice and enjoy!

For a kid-friendly version, just leave out the vodka--it's like healthy soda!

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