Provoking the Palate is pretty much what it sounds. It is about food that is so stunning and absolute it forces your senses into action. Before the food has even hit your tongue—it has visually and aromatically awakened your every appetite. Thus enticed, the fork presses down on some juicy, sumptuous morsel. Realization slams home that the crackling has continued inside your mouth and has now melded with the velvety feel of the tender layer underneath. The entirety perfectly sinful, perfectly seasoned. From intense and robust flavors to the teasing lilt of something wholly other…Provoking the Palate aims to appreciate all the nuances of each ingredient and its preparation—provided it has all been executed well in the style it is served in…

8th Annual Chef One Dumpling Eating Contest

My trek to Sarah D. Roosevelt Park in (Bowery and Chinatown) was SO worth it.  I’ve been to a few festivals before—much larger ones like the Bite of Seattle and Taste of Tacoma—yes, Pacific Northwest in the housssseeee (yell it like Oprah would).

As it happens—3rd place winner in the Women’s Division Chau Bui (a very vivacious and smart chica attending grad school at NYU) is also originally from the same area!  Go us!  It was great talking to her.  Her introduction to herself was a hoot as well—“I won a pie eating contest when I was 7—I ate half a pie”.  It might have been half a slice.  My memory has never been the best!

I got to talk to 3rd place winner Will Millender for a bit as well.  His advice for future competitive eaters?  “Don’t.  I don’t want more competition.  But if you are interested—there’s a website you can go to”.  The guy was a hoot.  For more information about competitive eating visit Eat Feats.  Among the interesting things to come out of his mouth—“water training”.  I had to ask what that was.  Apparently—it’s when you try and drink as much water as you can in 1 or 2 minutes—as in the gallons.  Yeah.  If you end up trying it—try it near a bucket and a bathroom!

For more information about the 3rd Annual Tang’s Natural Dumpling Festival itself, please visit my article on the Bromography site 2011 3rd Annual Tang's Natural Dumpling Festival.

Complete List of Winners:

Newly minted Guinness Book of World Records Holder:  Seth Gruberg, 18 dumplings in 2 minutes.  Before you go thinking wait, what?  Here’s the deal—the rules are much stricter for that title.  First—NO WATER.  That’s right—no water allowed during those 2 minutes.  Also—after every dumpling, you must show your mouth to a judge.  There’s even an official Guinness TIMER.

8th Annual Chef One Dumpling Eating Contest Winners:

Men’s Division:
Joseph Menchetti – 69 (7 time winner—aka “Gentleman Joe”)
David Brunelli – 60 (aka “Tiger Wings and Things”)
Will Millender – 45
Women’s Division:
Floria Lee – 37 (6 time winner)
Olga Zaitsev – 33 (1 time winner)
Chau Bui – 23

I actually took a video of the eating contest but for some reason it refuses to load.  If I ever figure this out--I'll put it up!  Sorry!  Here are some photos instead!